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A: The #### error just means the column is too narrow to display the number. Widen that column and the number will appear instead of the error.

A: Microsoft Excel (2013 or higher) or Office 365 PC Install are required for Easy Auctions Tracker. The free version of Excel cannot run macros, which are used in our sheet to communicate with eBay’s servers.

A: Here are a few things to check:

-check to be sure there’s an Owner listed in column Z. It is set to automatically default to My Item, but occasionally an owner is not automatically selected. If there’s no owner selected, be sure to choose My Item or the client that it belongs to.

-if the owner field isn’t an issue, scroll over to the My Cost column (D) and see if there’s an incorrect entry such as two decimals or another character that doesn’t belong there.

A: This error message on the eBay Selling tab is indicating that there’s an issue with your token with eBay. Go to the Setup & Instructions tab, click on “Create Token” and follow the steps. If you have more than one token, be sure to create them one at a time (create and fetch the first token before creating the second one). Don’t delete the current token in your sheet; it will be updated when a new one is created. The transactions you already have in the sheet will remain there.

A: The Welcome Email can be viewed on our site at: https://easyauctionstracker.com/welcome/

A:  This is one option for Mac users. You’ll need to be sure you have license keys for both Windows and Office. We cannot provide Mac support (only Easy Auctions Tracker support): https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201468
Mac systems cannot run the macros in our sheet (which are used in our sheet to communicate with eBay’s servers). Microsoft Excel (2013 or higher or Office 365 PC Install) are required for our sheet.

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