A: Unfortunately, Mac systems cannot run macros (which are used in our sheet to communicate with eBay’s servers). Microsoft Excel (2013 or higher or Office 365 PC Install) are required for our sheet.
It will only work for Mac users who can run Windows on their Mac.
A: Up to five eBay tokens/accounts can be added to one spreadsheet file. To add more eBay accounts/tokens to your sheet go to the Setup & Instructions tab and complete step 2 for each one. Just be sure you assign a different name for each token. This is the name that will appear in the drop-down box in cell C1 on the eBay Selling tab (or on the eBay Buying tab).
You will just need to choose which token/eBay account you want to retrieve data for before clicking on the “Get All Items” button. You’ll need to do this for each separate eBay account. The eBay Selling tab is a running list of all transactions for all of the accounts. You can view Monthly Data or Yearly Data for one, several or all of your accounts on the Monthly Summary and Yearly Summary tabs. The Profit & Loss tab will show the sum of all of the accounts.
If you’d prefer separate files for each account to keep your data completely separate, we can offer you a discount on the second & subsequent files. Just let us know how many spreadsheets you’d be looking to purchase.
A: You could transfer the file between computers by emailing it to yourself back and forth, using a flash drive or with a cloud service.
A: eBay stores your listing information for three months. For example you can retrieve May’s transactions in August. Once the listing information is downloaded into the spreadsheet, it is saved as part of the file and will be retained even after eBay removes the information from its servers.
Easy Auctions Tracker is an Excel file that is stored on your computer. You can access it in the future for as long as you have the file. We recommend users save a backup copy of their file about once per month on a separate hard drive such as a flash drive or on a cloud service in case anything ever happens to their file or to their computer.

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