Easy Auctions Tracker is the Ultimate Excel spreadsheet  solution for eBay sellers and Trading Assistants! This spreadsheet doesn’t calculate your fees, it actually COLLECTS your transaction information from your eBay account for you!!

Easy Auctions Tracker is fully automated and has been Tested & Certified by eBay as a compatible application! By using this spreadsheet, you will be able to quickly collect and record your transactions without the need to manually enter the information.

With the simple click of a button, Easy Auctions Tracker is able to collect all the information for a entire month’s worth of sales from eBay’s servers for you! No need to know the item numbers of the sold items, just select the month & year then click the “Get All Items” button. It is that simple! eBay stores your transaction information on its servers for 3 months/90 days, for example you can retrieve May’s transactions in August.

What Information Is Collected Automatically?

Item Information:

eBay Item Number*
Listing Title
Selling Price
Sales Tax

Buyer Information:

Buyer’s Name
Buyer’s eBay ID
Buyer’s e-mail address
(email can be retrieved within 10 days of sale).

Fees Information 

Insertion Fees
Final Value Fees
Paypal Fee
Payment Method

Shipping Information 

Shipping & Handling Charged
Paypal Shipping Info
Shipping Method Used
Tracking Number

 * Hyperlinked for easy access to online auction/shipping information associated with that item.

After the initial token setup, all that is required is for you to type in what you paid for each item (your cost). Selling Manager & Selling Manager Pro users will have actual shipping cost automatically retrieved.

You can download the information from eBay one listing at a time OR a full-month of listings at once with the click of a button!! Think of how much time this will save so you can focus on selling more items!