eBay Spreadsheet Overview

eBay Spreadsheet, The Ultimate eBay Spreadsheet, COLLECTS data directly from your eBay account! Track Profits, Run Reports, and other features all designed to save you time.

Easy Auctions Tracker is the Ultimate Excel based eBay spreadsheet solution for eBay sellers! This spreadsheet doesn’t calculate your fees. It actually COLLECTS your information directly from your eBay account for you, and tracks profits at an individual item level, as well as provides summary report and charts for a view of your profits as a whole.

The Ultimate eBay Spreadsheet, COLLECTS data directly from your eBay account! Track Profits, Run Reports, and other features all designed to save you time.

The eBay spreadsheet is fully automated and has been Tested & Certified by eBay as a compatible application! By using this spreadsheet, you will be able to quickly download your information without the need to manual entry.

With the click of a button Easy Auctions Tracker’s spreadsheet will connect directly to your eBay account and download all your information for a entire month’s worth of sales from eBay’s servers! No need to know the item numbers of the sold items, just select the month & year then click the “Get All Items” button. It is truly that simple! eBay stores your information on its servers for 3 months/90 days, for example you can retrieve May’s information in August.

What Information Is Collected Automatically by the eBay Spreadsheet?

Item Information

  • eBay Item Number*
  • Listing Title
  • Selling Price
  • Sales Tax
  • Quantity

Buyer Information

  • Buyer’s Name
  • Buyer’s eBay ID
  • Buyer’s e-mail address (email can be retrieved within 10 days of sale).

Fees Information

  • Insertion Fees
  • Final Value Fees
  • Payment Processing Fee
  • Payment Method

Shipping Information

  • Shipping & Handling Charged
  • Actual Shipping**
  • PayPal Shipping Info
  • Shipping Method Used
  • Tracking Number

* Hyperlinked for easy access to online auction/shipping information associated with that item.
** Selling Manager & Selling Manager Pro users will have Actual Shipping cost automatically retrieved.
*** email can be retrieved within 10 days of sale

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Easy Auctions Tracker Support

We are always ready to help you with any questions you may have about the spreadsheet.  Use the Need Help or Have a Question? form on the sidebar to get in contact with us.  We reply to all requests within two business days. If you emailed us directly and you didn't get a reply from us within that time frame, please reach out to us using the Need Help form or our Facebook page. 

Need a customization to make the spreadsheet work better for your business? Send us a note with what you are looking to change and we will provide you an estimate to modify the eBay spreadsheet for your needs.  In many cases, minor changes can be done at no charge.

About Easy Auctions Tracker

We started as eBay sellers just like you and found we didn't have the tools we needed to run our eBay store effectively.  After searching  and not finding a solution, we decided to make one ourselves. We have been providing eBay spreadsheet solutions for the past 12 years, and are continually looking to innovate our solution to bring even higher value to our users.