Thank you for purchasing the
Easy Auctions Tracker Spreadsheet!

Instructions for installation:
Go to to download the file.

Please view our Spreadsheet Setup video that walks through the setup process step-by-step:

Once you have installed the file, follow the step-by-step instructions on the Setup & Instructions tab. (If you don’t see the tab, click on the left arrow located at bottom left corner of the spreadsheet. The “Setup & Instructions” tab is the first tab on the left.)

To unlock your file you will need to enter the PayPal email address you used for this purchase and the following Unlock Key to unlock your spreadsheet (be sure you don’t have any spaces before or after the email address and unlock key). Look up your Unlock Code on our site.

When you download the data for your transactions, you will just need to put in your cost into the “My Cost” column as a negative number as well as the Actual Shipping Cost (also as a negative number).

Reminder: Easy Auctions Tracker is not web-based, nor is your information saved anywhere outside of your computer. We highly recommend that you back up your file monthly (or more often if you choose) on an external hard drive (such as a thumb drive, etc.) to avoid data loss. We will not be able to re-create your data.
Please let us know if you have any questions or if you are having trouble getting it set up. We are always happy to help!

-The Easy Auctions Tracker Team