February 4, 2019

This update fixes formula errors on the Profit & Loss tab. If you are seeing amounts on your Profit & Loss tab for March through December (future months) in columns AC-AL, please use our EAT Updater file to update the formulas. It is very quick and simple.

If you do not see amounts on your Profit & Loss tab for future months, your file already has the updated formulas and this update does not apply to you. If you are not sure, go ahead and do the update. It will not affect your file if no updates are needed.

Open the EAT Updater Excel file below (EAT_Updater.xlsm) and follow the directions. It only requires you to click the “Update Formulas” button in that file. If you are having trouble, send us your 2019 file as an attachment and we’ll fix it for you.