The file is down for updates. Be back shortly

The 2022 spreadsheet file for is ready for download below

  • Download the file using the button below. Make sure to save it to your computer and not open the file directly from the website. Once the download is complete, open the spreadsheet from the file on your computer. We don’t recommend that you leave it in the Downloads folder as these often get cleaned out by other performance management software (such as Norton, Avast).  
  • Check out our Video Tutorial on the setup of the 2022 Easy Auctions Tracker below

Important Notes:

Depending of the version of Excel you are using, the security warning may not be displayed as shown on the Setup tab. Macros must be enabled for the spreadsheet to work

Be sure that you don’t click on anything nor change tabs while data is being downloaded into the sheet. When the spreadsheet is finished downloading items from eBay, an “Update Complete”  and a message will be displayed. 

When you download the data for your transactions, you will only need to enter your cost into the “My Cost” column as well as the Actual Shipping Cost (both will automatically be converted to negative numbers).

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