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The Basic instructions to get you started

Once you open the spreadsheet, you will see a Setup & Instructions tab. Follow those step-by-step instructions. (If you don’t see the tab, click on the left arrow located at bottom left corner of the spreadsheet. The Setup & Instructions tab is the first tab on the left.) Depending of the version of Excel you are using, the security warning may not be displayed as shown on the Setup & Instructions tab. Macros must be enabled for the spreadsheet to work. Click on the button in step 2 to create your Authentication Token. If a “Create Token” window is displayed, your macros are running and everything will work. If no “Create Token” window is displayed, macros are most likely disabled. Please visit the Microsoft page to get the instructions to enable macros for your version of Excel. Important: Be sure that you don’t click on anything nor change tabs while data is being retrieved and entered. When the spreadsheet is finished pulling items from eBay, the system messages box will read:

“Select Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct, 2020 & User. Click on ‘Get All Items’ for the first few weeks of that month’s items OR insert Item No. and click on ‘Get Item’ for a single item.”

When you download the data for your transactions, you will just need to put in your cost into the “My Cost” column as a negative number as well as the Actual Shipping Cost (also as a negative number).

When you purchase the Full Version: You will be emailed with your Unlock Key. In Step 7, you will need to enter this Unlock Key, which will fully unlock your spreadsheet for use throughout 2020.