Update to the 2022 Easy Auctions Tracker Spreadsheet

We want to let you know there is a required update to the 2022 spreadsheet. *If you are already using the 2022J file, you can disregard this update.*

The updated file has been posted to our website. It resolves a delay in downloading items and inadvertent overwriting of manual entries. 

If you have customizations done to your sheet, email the 2022 file you’ve been using to us. Please remind us of what customizations have been done to your sheet.

How to Migrate to the New Version:

  1. Download the 2022J file from our website: https://www.easyauctionstracker.com/purchase (You can start fresh with this new file if you’d prefer).
  2. After downloading the file and saving it to your computer, please open the 2022J file, click on the “Migrate” button at the top left of your screen (on the Easy Auctions Tracker Menu).
    • You will be prompted to open your current 2022 sheetIf you’re prompted that you’re not using the latest version or any other prompts, click “ok.”
    • This migration will transfer the data on all tabs from your previous 2022 file to the new 2022J file. This will take a few minutes depending on how many items are in your previous file. The status bar at the bottom left corner will show the progress.
    • Your items will be redownloaded, and any My Cost or Client entries will be migrated. If you’ve rearranged columns, this will also be done automatically. You’ll know the process is complete when you get the “Transfer Completed” message .

**Do not migrate from your 2021 sheet, this is only for previous 2022 versions.**

  • Going forward, click on the top portion of the “Get All Items” button in the new 2022J file (not the drop-down portion of the button). 

A note about shipping labels: eBay announced in July 2021 that the Actual Shipping Cost would no longer be available through the API calls for Developers, so we did not originally add it into the 2022 file. Since eBay is still currently reporting it, we have added it back in. Please understand that this is no longer supported by eBay, and we have no control over the ongoing use of this functionality. eBay has announced this will stop working in the near future (it was supposed to stop working by now) and they have already removed documentation for this functionality from their website.

The orange-colored column labeled “Other Shipping Costs” contain the costs downloaded from the discontinued API call. The labeled “Shipping Labels” contains the costs downloaded from the new API call. If the Actual Shipping Cost is downloaded into the Shipping Labels column, it will not be downloaded with the old call into the Other Shipping Costs column (and manual entries are deleted to prevent the shipping from being double-counted).

If for any reason you are having problems with the migration or aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, please email us your original file. We can migrate your information for you. Important: Please remind us of any customizations done to your sheet if there were any. 

If you email us with your file to be updated, it may take a few days to get back to you. We will answer all emails in the order in which they are received. Be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder when awaiting our reply.

As you know, there are often many changes on this platform. We’ll keep you updated as needed. We apologize for the inconvenience but are committed to serving our users by updating the spreadsheet as needed to be sure it’s completely accurate.

-The Easy Auctions Tracker Team